About Pavana Home

Who We Are

We are an eco friendly, culture concious, and nature inspired home goods store. We believe that regardless of location or size, your home should be your sanctuary… the place you go for peace, balance, and rejuvination. Bring nature home.

Use More, Waste Less

There are more than 500 billion single-use containers produced every year worldwide, as well as 14 million tons of plastic packaging. Over 70% of these items end up in landfills. It’s time to get serious about disposable use products. We have reduced our carbon footprint and are doing our part to change the “plastic problem” by using sustainable and recyclable packaging. All bottles and jars can be repurposed and reused while all shipping materials are made with products that can be recycled or break down easily.

Preserved Naturally

Our products are created with natural, plant based preservatives that guarantee a long shelf life. And the amber bottles aren’t used just because they’re beautiful. They help protect what’s inside from UV rays that can cause the ingredients to expire more quickly.


The word Pavana literally means pure. This is reflective of the ingredients we use in the manufacturing of all of the products we sell. From the plant based wax used in our candles, to the ingredients in the house cleaning sprays, we want you to know that these products are safe, clean, and toxic free… providing you with a pure, or pavana, home.

Where We Come From

Pavana Home is an ilavo co company. We are based out of Denver Colorado. We source our ingredients from all over the world, from other sustainable companies, then put them together to bring you products you can trust.

Want To Know More?

See our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions, or send us an email through or Contact Page with any questions you may have.