Frequently Asked Questions

Is your packaging eco friendly?

Yes! We only purchase our containers and ingredients from eco friendly, sustainable manufacturers. The packaging can be reused and upcycled as well.

Are the products safe for my kids and pets?

Yes! Every single ingredient is listed on the label. No hidden additives or chemicals. All of the products are non toxic, organic, and natural… making them safe for use around children and pets.

Can I use the lid on my candle to snuff out the flame?

No! Please do not use the lid to put out your candle. When you want to put out the flame please do so by using a candle snuffer, or by blowing it out before replacing the lid.

What type of wax is used in the making of the candles?

All of our candles are made with a 100% plant based soy blend that is non toxic, lead free, and safe. The wax is a soft wax that easily melts and gives off a strong aroma.

I have allergies. Will your products cause an issue?

All of our products are produced in an allergen free facility. If you are allergic to specific plants, fragrance, or oils, please be sure to check the ingredients before using.

Is this a legitimate licensed company?

Yes! We are a licensed, fully insured limited liability company registered in Denver Colorado.

Can I buy your products at any physical location or only online?

Currently we are an online only store. We occasionally do markets and trade shows in the Denver area. If you are close by be sure to follow our social media for updates on where you may be able to visit our booth.

Is the fragrance spray safe to use on any cloth surface?

Yes! All of the room and linen sprays are safe to use on any cloth surface such as bed linens, sofas, clothing, towels, etc.